"Information Tracking and Data Management For The Agricultural Industry"

AgDataOne Seed to Shelf Tracking systemsİ

AgDataOne tracking systems provide a standardized information communication framework and a seamless interface for all aspects of the commodity tracking process. The system allows and requires data to be input by all parts of the production chain. This information is then available to all authorized partners through a standard internet browser interface from any location, worldwide.

AgDataOne tracking systems provide the technical and field operation means to provide traceability from base seed stock to the end user, be it the food processor or the mother who cares about their child's food and its contents.  It offers a standard framework for crop producers, agronomists, and independent field auditors to report the status of production. 

AgDataOne tracking systems automatically record and maintain a "product history" for each commodity product it tracks, including how the product is managed and each "event" in the products life cycle right up to the grocery shelf.  In this way, everyone in the products life cycle from the grower, elevator operator, trucking firm , food processor, and grocer are insured of the products heritage.

The system is also interactive with other software information systems, capable of linking important GIS, Agronomy and risk management issues to tracking data points. 

AgDataOne's  Seed to Shelf Tracking systems are designed to insure the  retention of product-value for the producers in the marketplace and to answer the concerns of the consumer base. 

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