"Information Tracking and Data Management For The Agricultural Industry"

LiveTrack™ systems

Introduction and Overview

The Key market issues with livestock products are no longer limited to the fundamentals of genetics, production practices, and commodity values.

Major issues have added to the marketplace complexities.

First, Export Markets are requiring proof of disease and contamination- free sources of meat and meat by-products.

This requirement can only be accomplished by real time electronic audit systems, consisting of chain of custody and event tracking.  Starting with the parent animal details and history, then carried throughout the animals production, including feed types and amounts, medical procedures and supplements, feed lot issues, and transportation details leading to the end processor.

Secondly, major and middle market Processors can no longer risk quality insecurity.

The risk of potential contamination, or even the suspicion of contamination, has become too high to ignore in the face of the growing numbers of BSE inquiries, consumer activist organization concerns, and end consumer uncertainty of shelf product.

Thirdly, the US government has stated that tracking systems will become mandatory by 2006.

AgDataOne's LiveTrack™ systems are designed to insure the  retention of product-value for the producers in the marketplace and to answer the concerns of the worldwide consumer base. 

This is enabled by:

  1. Proving the product's heritage and purity at all stages of production.
  2. Driving this value to all stages of the supply chain by enabling quality recognition through online information of the product's history.

AgDataOne LiveTrack™ systems completely fulfill the USAIP and the USDA’s goal of the ability to record via RFID technology the history of a animal and to retrieve this detailed animal history information within 48 hours of confirmation of a disease outbreak and therein the ability to implement intervention strategies in a timely manner.

AgDataOne's systems allow this information to be accessed by any authorized individual with a internet connection. This historical information is presented in real time with GPS data showing the target animals locations throughout it's history, it's production data, and its relationship to other animals and the possible disease vectors involved. The system will also be of significant value to processors in regulation compliance, as the system integrates with current internal TQM and ISO9000 initiatives.

The system is also interactive with other software information systems, capable of linking important husbandry, production, and risk management issues to tracking data points. The system is housed on AgDataOne servers, supported by multiple t-3 fiber into main internet trunks. The servers are 24/7 available, capable of handling 50,000 database queries per minute. Access is through normal, worldwide Internet connections. The data is password access only, through encrypted secure socket layer with digital ID requirements.

The following pages detail an Internet/WAN/Intranet software based tracking system for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries. (Note: After the LiveTrack™ frequently asked questions page, the following pages detail the history of a corn crop. However, the data stream is similar to that as used for animals. Only the detail information is different.)

It is highly probable that you will find many different areas of application and inter connectivity, that the AgDataOne integrated product tracking system can provide.

Therefore, please proceed with this internet-based demonstration, or call me directly for further discussions of your review and implementation plans. We look forward to working with you.

Richard D. Hudgins,

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