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LiveTrack™ Animal tracking systems (Click to enter.)

AgDataOne's LiveTrack™ systems incorporate RFID technology and web based applications/interfaces to fulfill the requirements of the USDA/USAIP animal identification plan.

This system provides individual animal data-collection and reporting tools to cattle producers, Feed lots, meat packers and retailers and is capable of tracking the nation's cattle and swine supply, which is fundamental to controlling any disease threat, foreign or domestic.

By providing real-time source details, production details, immunization records, and custody information, the occurrence of and therein the rapid containment of animal health emergencies (such as foot-and-mouth disease or BSE) is realized.

Seed to Shelf™ grain and produce tracking systems

AgDataOne's  Seed to Shelf Tracking systems™ are designed to insure the  retention of product-value for the producers in the marketplace and to answer the concerns of the consumer base. 

AgDataOne tracking systems provide a standardized information communication framework and a seamless interface for all aspects of the commodity tracking process. The system allows and requires data to be input by all parts of the production chain. This information is then available to all authorized partners through a standard internet browser interface from any location, worldwide.

The system is also interactive with other software information systems, capable of linking important GIS, Agronomy and risk management issues to tracking data points.

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